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Arizona Business Dissolution- Mesa Business Law

Regrettably, not all businesses succeed to the level their owners originally intended and many must cease operations. Dissolution is the termination of a company’s legal existence. Dissolution may be caused by many ways, including failure to file annual reports, failure to pay certain taxes, bankruptcy, or voluntary dissolution of the business by its owners.  There are certain measures that must be taken in order to fully dissolve a business.  If your company is ceasing operations or is no longer in business our office can directly assist with filing the articles of dissolution with the Arizona Corporation Commission to terminate the existence of a corporation, limited liability company (LLC) or partnership. The dissolution process allows for the liquidation of the company.  Depending on the size of the business this can be complicated. Business partners must follow a fiduciary duty of utmost loyalty, fairness and good faith.  This duty requires partners stay clear of competing with the business, having a conflict of interest, appropriating or seizing business opportunities, or revealing confidential information about the business.  Even the appearance of improprieties can result in negative consequences for the partner at fault. Contact the Law Office of Joseph A. Velez to discuss your business dissolution or potential breach of fiduciary duty

Phoenix, Arizona Business Lawyer- Arizona Business Dissolution

Phoenix, Arizona Business Entity Formation Attorney

The first order of building a successful business is selecting the proper entity. At the Law Office of Joseph A. Velez, we use our extensive business formation experience to help get your Arizona business headed in the right direction. Our representation spans Phoenix, Scottsdale and other surrounding suburbs.

We Understand the Needs of Small and Medium-Sized Arizona Businesses

Our firm understands the needs of small and medium-sized Scottsdale and Phoenix businesses. We provide practical advice and efficient service to all of our clients throughout the formation process or restructuring of their business. Whether you are seeking to form as a partnership or more suited to becoming an S-corporation, the Law Office of Joseph A. Velez can get you there.

To assist you with business entity selection, we will take the proper amount of time to learn about your business goals and review the liability risks associated with your venture. Using your needs and best interests as a guide, we will help you select the type of entity that is most appropriate for your business.

Common business organizations that we help clients form include:

  1. Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)

  2. Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)

  3. Sole Proprietorships

  4. Corporations

  5. S-Corporations

We can help restaurants, grocery stores, real estate companies, investment companies, physicians, accounting firms and all other types of businesses gain the protection and peace of mind that comes from having selected the appropriate entity.

If you need assistance with business formation or have a question relating to your current business structure, the Law Office of Joseph A. Velez has the experience and knowledge to help. Please call us at 480-710-5079.

What is a limited liability company operating agreement?

An operating agreement is one between members, owners and managers of an Arizona limited liability company.  The agreement sets forth the members’ rights and obligations in regards to the company.  The agreement governs relations between members and managers as well as their relationship with the company.  Any provision may be included in the agreement that is not against the law and is related to the company, its’ affairs, rights duties and powers of its members, managers, officers, employees or agents.

Does Arizona law require that Arizona limited liability companies have an Operating Agreement?

No.  It is only necessary if the members, managers, officers, employees or agents deem it to be appropriate.

Does Arizona law require that an Operating Agreement contain any specific provisions?

There is no specific provisions that are required in an operating agreement.  Any provision the members, managers, officers, employees or agents wish to include can be included as long as it is lawful.

Does Arizona law require that Operating Agreements be in writing?

No.  Oral contracts can be legally binding in Arizona but it is recommended that your operating agreement be put in writing.  Having your agreement in writing will provide a written record if a dispute were to occur between members, managers, officers, employees or agents.  The investment of time and money put into a business venture makes it important to spend the time and money to prepare a written agreement to prevent future complications.

How is an Arizona limited liability company governed if it does not have an Operating Agreement?

Without an operating agreement a limited liability company is governed by the Arizona Limited Liability Company Act.  The Arizona Limited Liability Company Act outlines the rights and obligations of the members, managers, officers, employees or agents.  The provisions included in the Arizona Limited Liability Company Act does not address many common issues that arise in governing a limited liability company, therefore it is recommended to establish an additional tailored Operating Agreement.

Phoenix, AZ LLC Operating Agreements FAQS

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